Photo Exhibits and Publications



"How People Live"

 910 Arts/Studio 13 Gallery/April 2009


Flash Gallery/January & February 2009

Women in Photography International

Turning Silver 2006  

Honorable Mention/"Face of Poverty" 


Women in Photography International

Beauty: Camera Eye of the Beholder 2005

Honorable Mention: Lifestyle/"Madonnas" 


Presbyterian/St. Luke's Hospital Photo Exhibit

"Images of Life": Lifestyle & Sports Categories 



Slum Tours: Travelling off the Beaten Path/Ode Magazine April 2009

Finding Aftermarkets/Student Filmmakers Magazine April 2009 Pg. 38

Kampala Seder Yields Blessings/Denver Post Sunday Style 4/1/2007

Peoria Pond: A Photo Essay/Denver Post 4/20/2006

Encounter with Brown Bear Caps Intrepid Island Visit/Denver Post 2/15/2004